Phoxy Printing

We provide high quality professional prints, transfers and cut vinyl/HTV for self application and have been growing strong since launch in 2020. We've added those services here in a summary so everything is bundled together in the same place. 

All of our printing services come with a minimum order quantity of 1. We also offer very competitive pricing across our range and very good deals on bulk/batch printing.. just get in touch for a tailored quote to suit your exact needs. 

Direct To Garment

Also known as DTG printing, is a process where the ink is printed directly onto the garment fibres and heat cured to give durability. We can print onto white and light coloured garments and blanks up to a size of A4. A very simple process allows us to provide this service at very competitive pricing. We can either print to your blanks if you have them already or we can supply the blanks as required. 

Our DTG doesn't have any white ink so we currently only offer this service on white/light garments, this process is very cost effective and prints in high resolution & full colour. 

We provide a full DTG service for dark garments (using white ink as an underbase) via a very trusted partner we've been working with since 2018. We offer a wide range of products to suit most needs and again can be offered as single one-off top quality prints at very competitive pricing.

Read this article to learn more about the DTG process.



Sublimation Printing

Again, we can either print your designs or logos onto stock standard sheet sizes up to SRA3 or A3+ using the best inks in the business. We print onto papers specially designed for either fabrics or hard surfaces, we even have a good all -rounder paper which can be used for both if you prefer. The maximum size we can print currently is 483 x 329mm.

We also have mug sized paper sheets to make life really simple, these are designed for 10oz/11oz mugs and are sized at 210mm x 99mm. 

'Subbing' is designed for pressing onto white/light garments with a high polyester count or specially applied white sublimation coating. There's no white ink in the sublimation process so this doesn't work for dark garments. 


Laser Printed Digital Heat Transfers

Printed on a Professional Series OKI printer up to size A3, these full colour transfers are a great addition to our line-up as they can be applied to pretty much any surface you can think of, as long as you can apply it with a decent heat press. 


Specialty Toner Printed Transfer Media

We use the wide range of Forever transfer media which you can learn a lot more about by visiting their website. We can print nearly all of their range including the temporary laser tattoo paper, waterslide, multi-trans, flex-soft, neons, hot stamping foils and of course their flag ship media, the most versatile.. Laserdark No Cut Low Temp. 

We also have the facility to print their sublimation media too.. Between our knowledge & expertise and their range of professional series media, there isn't much that we can't achieve. 

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) & Adhesive Vinyl

HTV is a special vinyl which is applied to garments and fabrics (amongst other things) using a good quality heat press that provides even heat and pressure distribution across the entire platen/pressing area. 

Using an extensive range of colours, finishes and printed patterns, HTV choice is vast. From shimmering glitter to camo print, neons, metallics, graphite, holographic and glow in the dark.. If you can imagine it, there's likely a heat transfer vinyl for it :) 

We have a wide range of stock HTV ready to cut and send to you. If there's anything you need that we don't have in stock, we can usually get it ordered within a day or two, then cut and sent out straight away.