Now we do DTG!

Now we do DTG!

Ever heard of DTG printing?

It stands for Direct-To-Garment which means exactly how it sounds. Much like your office or home inkjet printer prints the ink direct-to-paper, a DTG printer does exactly the same, but on fabric... 

What does that mean for me? 

Well, inkjet printing provides the widest range of colours and print very vibrant results. If you want a totes bag with your favourite family photo printed on, no problem. The resolution is high enough that you'll be impressed at the results. If the fabric has some structure, of weave, then this will show through of course, fabric isn't as smooth as paper. That said though, the colours are still ace and what use is a piece of beautifully printed photo paper for carrying your stuff around in? 

What are the limitations?

There are a number of different types of DTG printer which can be split into two main categories. Those with white ink and those without. Ours doesn't have white ink which means it's very low maintenance and always ready to go. As we don't have the white ink as an underbase, we can only print to white and light coloured garment blanks and though our printer is very compact, it can still print up to size A4.

How long does it take from ordering to print and post?

Within 10 minutes of an order we can have your garment blank (or ours) printed and ready to ship out to you. This is dependent on current workload but we aim to mail every order out within three working days and most of the time post out within one working day. If you need something quick, just get in touch to find out our latest turnaround times. 

What's the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

You can order a single item or a hundred or a thousand, it doesn't matter.. well.. except that the more you order, the more you save with our bulk pricing model. Our prices for a single item print start at only £3, so we're very competitive on the pricing. 

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